The Mission of the Township Assessor


The mission of the Township Assessor's Office is to fairly and equitably assess all real property in the jurisdiction according to State statue.   By State law, the Assessor only sets the valuation of your property based on a three-year weighted average of sales; she does NOT determine your tax bill. 

Your tax bill amount depends upon your tax rate, which in turn derives from the tax levies set by the taxing districts (schools, park districts, municipalities, et al.) that service your area.  Each taxing district gets to ask for the amount of money it needs for the next year.  In general, if they want more money than the previous year and they receive no opposition directly from the taxpayer, and within certain exceptions, the levy is increased.  When all of your taxing districts decide how much money they need, the County Clerk divides it among the property owners in the district.

Most people don't want their property VALUES lowered, only the TAXES on that value.   Lower values mean your property won't be worth as much when you want to sell it and isn't that the reason you bought property in the first place? So the value could increase, not decrease?   Declining property values usually cause a tax rate increase to cover the shortfall.

If you consider the tax amount and/or tax rate on your property is too high it is your responsibility to contact the taxing district directly and let them know your views about reduce spending, maintaining the current levy amount or to even decrease it whenever possible.   Every district holds a monthly meeting that is open to the public.  Call them to confirm time and location.  Don't be discouraged that your one voice won't be heard - Every voice counts!


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For questions about how tax rates are developed call the Kane County Clerk at (630) 232-5964 or visit


Please call our office if you have any questions.  My staff and/or I will be glad to discuss them with you.  You may reach us at 630.879.1323 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.


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Tammy J. Kavanaugh, Assessor


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