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Snow Removal

Generally our snow removal begins when at least 2 inches of snow is on the road. On certain occasions we may be out earlier but 2 inches is usually our starting point. While plowing, we’ll also be spreading salt to help prevent the roadways from freezing. We continue to plow the roads until the snow storm has ended.

The Batavia Township does not have a parking ban but the state does. The snow that is not removed from cars parked on the road will eventually turn to ice and can be very dangerous. We ask for your cooperation by keeping your cars off the street until the storm has passed and your street has been plowed and widened. By doing this you will save yourself from receiving tickets and/or towing charges.

Our plow truck drivers do not intentionally plow snow into your driveways or towards you mailboxes. The snowplows discharge snow on the curbside of the road and sometimes into your driveway. We ask that you please delay cleaning out the end of your driveway until your street has been plowed. This will prevent you from having to shovel numerous times.

It is a violation of Illinois Law to plow, push, blow or in anyway place snow upon a public road from adjoining property. Please shovel driveway ends to the sides. If you plow into the roadway you are liable for all incidents, which may result.

Sometimes when wet & heavy snow is discharged from the plow it may knock down a mailbox. The township will only replace mailboxes with the standard mailbox and a 4×4 wooden post, or we will reimburse the resident $25.00 towards a new one.